Thursday, March 19, 2009

Barbee's Bath & Body Business

Barbee had been through the wringer. She still couldn't decide between Joe or Kenny so she stopped seeing both of them and concentrated on what she wanted out of life. No more dependency on men is what she wanted. She was tired of her Princess image and wanted a change.

Years ago Barbee had learned how to handcraft soap in the jungle with Joe. She always loved the way it made her skin feel. Barbee often fantasized about selling her handcrafted soap to others so they could feel the benefits on their skin too.

Barbee decided to pull out all the stops. Why not she thought? I love them , my friends love them and my family loves them! She unboxed all of her supplies, starting making her soaps again and went online to figure out where she wanted to sell them.

Barbee found the place where she wantd to sell them and began the journey of becoming her own boss. Barbee decided she would start with her own version of Home Parties. She called all of her friends and figured she'd start out small. She decided to throw an Edible Massage Oil party.

Barbee couldn't believe how many of her friends showed up! She pulled out her Edible Massage Oils and told them all about the flavors and how delicious they were. Barbee had Strawberry Margarita, Brandy, Wine Coolers, Cherry, Pomegranate, Macadamia Toffee you name it, Barbee had it.
Well Barbee's friends were very excited to taste these oils, so Barbee pulled a few bottles out and let them try the different flavors.

Barbee's friends were loving these awesome flavors! They tried every flavor Barbee had which are about 20 different flavors! Pretty soon Barbees friends couldn't take it anymore, they had to REALLY taste the flavors!

Barbee was VERY please with how all of her friends really loved her Edible Massage Oils! She sold every bottle she had brought with her. Barbee took one last look at her friends as she was leaving, and smiled. Yep...they certainly were loving her oils!

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  1. That is hilarious :) :)! You have such a dirty mind girl - I love it :). It also sets your product apart and makes it memorable, so kudos to you for coming up with such a great idea.